Are Tickets refundable?  No tickets are not refundable but they are transferable so feel free to pay it forward and give them to a friend.

Are there assigned seats?  No tickets are not for assigned seats but you will have an assigned passenger car.  For example:  You might be on the 10AM Train - Car 4.  We do assigned Cars to help keep us on schedule.  We leave extra room on each car so that passengers can make sure and stay with their groups.  If for some reason your group has to be split up we ask that you remain courteous while we try and find a solution.

Coupon Codes?  I already bought tickets but see that there is a coupon code that is now available…can I be refunded the difference?  No, we are sorry but that is not possible.


Are the Passenger Cars handicapped accessible?  No and Yes.  The cars are old-fashioned railroad cars so they were not designed to be handicapped accessible…however…we want to give a special experience to EVERYONE so please contact us prior to your trip and we WILL ABSOLUTELY TRY OUR BEST to find a solution for you! :)

Is there food and drink provided on the train?  It depends on the excursion.  Typically if it is not specifically listed in the description than it is not included in your ticket price but is available for purchase at the Depot or the Farm.

How long is the train ride?  The train ride itself from Baldwin City to the Midland Farm takes approximately 30 minutes each way.  Typical excursions last for approximately 1.5-2 hours.

I cannot make it on the date that I chose…can I change dates?  Yes, we will do our best to accommodate your request.  We are a small company that books tens of thousands of tickets each year…please be patient with our limited resources on changing dates.

What exactly is the SNOWGLOBE EXPRESS?  The Snowglobe Express is a 12 mile Christmas Train Ride that will transport passengers from the Baldwin City Train Depot to the magical world of Snowglobe where Santa's herd of Reindeer live year round! The SNOWGLOBE EXPRESS train is a one-of-a-kind magical train with OVER THE TOP decor and an unforgettable "Santa's Mail Car" experience where children will hand deliver their letter to Santa's elves in a U.S. Postal Mail Car DURING the train ride!  Once dropping off their letter on the train ride passengers will exit the train ride at Santa's Reindeer Ranch in Snowglobe, KS...where they will help Santa feed his herd of Reindeer before returning to Baldwin City!

Where is the Midland Railroad?  The depot for the Midland Railroad is located at 1515 High Street, Baldwin City, KS.  All train excursions leave from this location…including SNOWGLOBE EXPRESS.


Where is the Midland Farm?  The Midland Farm is located approximately 6 miles along the Midland Railroad track.  It is a beautiful 50-acre tract of land surrounded by rural farmland in Franklin County, KS.

Will my children be able to sit on Santa’s lap during the SNOWGLOBE EXPRESS experience?  It is possible but probably not.  Instead, we offer an experience where children will help Santa feed his herd of reindeer.

What is the “Letter to Santa Experience” that is offered on the SNOWGLOBE EXPRESS?  Children will bring their letter to Santa aboard the Train.  Once everyone is seated and the train has taken off each child will be able to walk from car to car to deliver their letter to a real old-fashioned US Postal Car that has been converted into a NORTH POLE Postal car.  Elves will be in the car ready to receive your child’s letter and to indeed confirm that they are on the NICE LIST!

Are there snacks/drinks available for purchase at Midland Farm?  Yes

What should we wear?  The Midland Farm is located outside on 50 acres.  Dress appropriately as if you were going for a walk on a farm.  Please check the weather

Do you offer make-up dates for bad weather?  Yes, we do.  If for some reason the train cannot run due to weather we will reschedule.  If you are unable to attend on the rescheduled date we do not offer refunds.

Is the SNOWGLOBE EXPRESS train lit up like the SNOWGLOBE restaurants?  YES!  We can assure you that the decor will be SO. MUCH. CHRISTMAS.

What are the train seats like?  The train seats are similar to that of a school bus or a Coach bus.  Some of our cars are actually dinner train cars and they have an upgraded interior.

Is this where Polar Express used to operate?  Yes, Midland Railroad used to operate the Polar Express in the past.